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Whether you are interested in a good quality two channel integrated amplifier or a full pre-power system, we are able to show you the performance steps available. In particular we can advise on the most suitable system to drive your loudspeakers and we are entirely happy for you to bring in parts of your existing system so you can easily understand the differences.

With quality products from around the world, we can demonstrate the sheer musical performance now available from the latest amplifiers as part of a well matched system, driven by a suitable source component.

Our amplification brands include Accuphase, Chord Electronics, Exposure, Naim, Phonosophie, Rega and Roksan. In particular we are able to demonstrate the differences between the integrated amplifiers from several manufacturers and also show you how to further improve the quality of the sound from the system through the use of suitable support furniture. We have the full range of products from Isoblue HiFi and Phonosophie.

For interconnect cables we demonstrate models from the Chord Company including Shawline, Epic and Signature. We also use a full Naim SuperLumina cable loom on the Naim 500 Series products.

Whether you are interested in comparing a high-end integrated amplifier with a similarly priced separate pre-amp and power amp combination, or whether you want to compare 2 channel amplifiers to bi-amping models or even full active set-ups, we can help.

If you have a specific request, please email us via our Contact us page. To discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange a demonstration, please call us on 01962 859859

We look forward to being of assistance.

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